Data center services

Best Moscow data centers to colocate your equipment. Any configurations of dedicated servers and bare metal take-away services. Internet access.


For your business

NETRACK is a russian company providing services in the most reliable data centers of Moscow since 2011.

Our specialization is providing services to HighLoad companies that have critical demands for a reliable data center and Internet access. Customer support is our priority.

We ensure 99,982 SLA for data center services and 99,95 for communication services.

Colocation in data centers

Colocation in reliable Moscow data centers (Colocation)

Servers for rent

Bare metal for rent - servers, any telco hardware (Dedicated)

Broadband access

Get a fast and reliable Internet connection (up to 100 Gbit/s)

VMWARE cloud

Deploy a VMWARE-based cloud or get the best of NETRACK cloud services

Making math simple

1U colocation + 1 Gbit/s = 4000 rubles per month

This price includes Electric power 2х750 Watts, IPMI


Colocation in the best data centers of Moscow

Traffic up to 50+ Gbit/s per customer

The best price and terms

Bare metal servers for rent

99,982% uptime

Fast service

Our partnerships

We value your comfort, flexibility and self-sufficiency


TIER-3 data centers. Latest server equipment

Strong portfolio

Best customer portfolio on the market. Ask our customers about us. Profesionals trust us

Best customer service

Efficient and quick response. Proffesional approach to individual needs of each customer

Customer positive

We value every customer - startup or corporation. Successful project management only

Unparalleled resources

We can deal with any problem. We overcome obstacles and achieve the goals

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Руководитель проектов NETRACK

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